Lucent Technologies
As the number one supplier of power systems for the telecommunication market and the largest manufacturer of power supplies and systems in the world, Lucent is the only US manufacturer to win the prestigious Deming Prize for the quality of our power systems. Building on Bell Labs expertise, our dc-dc board-mounted power modules, Titania Series non-isolated point of load dc-dc converter, distributed power architectures, custom ac-dc and dc-dc products, and energy systems, which include battery plants and cabinet power systems, can help empower your global networks. The broad scope of products and technical support enables Lucent to provide complete power solutions for either end of the network, and any part in between.
To learn more about the opportunties at Lucent Technologies please contact the appropriate Power Technology Associates representative.
Kathleen Kelley Sales/Marketing
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Bob Chambers Power Electronics
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Rich Cardarella Power Electronics
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